At Topo Athletic, we have one mission: to help you move better.

We believe movement is at the center of wellness, which transcends beyond just physical fitness into mental health and a connection to nature and others around us. That’s why we created the Topo Difference – we make products that help you keep going, keep trying, keep moving. Our distinctive fit and feel makes it so you don’t even think about what’s on your feet or the injury that used to plague you. Instead, it’s about losing yourself in the run, taking in the view at the pinnacle of a hike, or simply going about your day in a comfortable pair of shoes.

Sure, we celebrate the victors and record setters, but we build our products for those who get out there every day regardless of weather, speed, energy, or mood. We know the real victory lies in being able to move freely and comfortably again tomorrow.

"Les topos ont permis aux pieds de s'évaser naturellement dans la chaussure lors de la course, tout en serrant mon pied au milieu pour une sensation super confortable. La chute minimale est idéale pour encourager une frappe naturelle au milieu du pied et l'amorti est parfait pour mon pied pendant un peu de protection tout en restant assez sensible au sol."

Rachel McBride
Topo Élite

"Cette marque a changé mon expérience de course! Je cours des ultras depuis plus de 12 ans et j'ai essayé tant de marques et j'ai eu tant d'ampoules. Après les chaussures de route et de trail de la marque TOPO, il n'y a pas de retour en arrière !! J'ADORE absolument cette marque !!! Merci"

Top Client