Kane Larue

What quote/saying do you lean on when the going gets tough?

CFP: Constant forward progress

Do you have any pre-race/competition rituals/superstitions?

Empty and repack my backpack, double check all my gear. Make sure I have my satellite messenger.

What or who inspires you to push yourself to the next level?

Trying to keep up with people who are younger than me.

What are some of your other favorite hobbies when you are not training or competing?

Going out and trying new restaurants with my wife.

What is your proudest athletic accomplishment?

In the spring of 2021 I completed an overnight solo traverse from Rocky Mountain foothills through the Ghost Wilderness via Carrot Peak route to Banff. Even though it was only 45 km long, the conditions were very challenging with deep snow in the alpine leading up to the crux pass where I camped. It took me to some pretty dark places mentally but once I was done my confidence in the mountains was completely changed. I had a new perspective on how hard I could push myself physically and mentally.

What is your go-to workout song?

Thunderstruck by AC/DC

What is your go-to mantra for living an active life?

A little bit often is better than a lot sometimes.

What is your story?

I’m an adventurer based out of Calgary, Alberta. Originally from Montreal, I’ve explored all over the Northeast, in Canada and the US, from Killarney Provincial Park to Gaspesie, the Adirondacks, and White Mountains. In 2021 I moved to Alberta with my wife and two sons to take on a new adventure. My passion is for exploring seldom visited mountain routes that take me off-trail into wilderness. I do both summer and winter trips, where I find freedom and calmness pushing myself physically in the mountains.