Mark Mitchell

What quote/saying do you lean on when the going gets tough?

Suffer now, enjoy later... this too shall pass.

What or who inspires you to push yourself to the next level?

Without a doubt that would be my children. Their little eyes are always on me, cheering me on. I want to show them that if you can dream something, you can achieve it with a little bit of hard work and dedication. Their cheering and support motivates me above all else.

What are some of your other favorite hobbies when you are not training or competing?

Coaching youth in Hockey and Rugby. There is something special about helping
children not only grow and develop as athletes, but also as individuals on and off of the ice and pitch.

What is your go-to workout song?

Prayer of the refugee by Rise Against

What is your go-to mantra for living an active life?

Strive for daily progression no matter how big or small…
When you look back in a year you won’t believe how far you’ve come