David R Perreault

Do you have any pre-race/competition rituals/superstitions?

I think I must re-lace my shoes at least five times before a race. Not tight enough, too tight, ok on just one side. It's like a constant fight against the perfect fit… even though it was very nice the first time.

What or who inspires you to push yourself to the next level?

My kids. I think it’s about being the adult you want them be.
Nature also is a huge inspiration. Running trails and being fully committed to the moment.

If you could race in costume, what or who would you dress up as?

I would choose a crazy, puffy dinosaur. You know the ones filled with air. Running wild behind other runners.

What is your go-to mantra for living an active life?

If I don’t take time to work on my health, I’m working full time for sickness.